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Re: Live Helper / Install from CD

Curtis Hall wrote:
> I've poked the WIKI and the manual regarding this question.  I've also
> looked the mailing lists and saw some comments back in October about a
> ubuntu-like installer from the Live CD but I haven't found out if there
> was any progress on this or not.

that thing is important and will be followed up on after lenny release,
no time left anymore :/

> Has there been any updates towards a ubuntu-like installer with a more
> friendly GUI for installation? Something that would install the packages
> lists I already setup and skip most of the installation steps?

you have to seperate between 'asking a lot of questions', 'GUI' and
'user friendly'.

the first thing can be done very easy by regular preseeding of the

the second thing can be done easy as well, by using installgui rather
than install.

and if you insist on an 'application' type of install as beeing user
friendly (like ubuntu does), then that cannot be easily done yet (but
see above, will be worked on post lenny).


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