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Re: mount /var & /tmp on tmpfs?

On Tue, 02 Dec 2008 08:30:58 +0100, Marco Amadori wrote:

>> I'm using debian-live on my usb stick with persistence. In order to
>> decrease writing times on the stick, can I mount /var & /tmp on a
>> ramdisk? tmpfs? How can I do that?
> This should be already in place, look at live-initramfs manpage, under
> "files" section.

Hi Marco, is the following "files" section that I'm looking at the same 
as yours?

|       /etc/live.conf
|   Some variables can be configured via this config file (inside the live
|   system).
|       /live/filesystem.module
|   This optional file (inside the live media) contains a list of
|   white-space or carriage-return-separated file names corresponding to
|   disk images in the "/live" directory. If this file exists, only images
|   listed here will be merged into the root aufs, and they will be loaded
|   in the order listed here. The first entry in this file will be the
|   "lowest" point in the aufs, and the last file in this list will be on
|   the "top" of the aufs, directly below /cow. Without this file, any
|   images in the "/live" directory are loaded in alphanumeric order.

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