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Re: Debian Live on an LVM-enabled media

>>>>> Ivan Shmakov <oneingray@gmail.com> writes:


 > However, having Debian Live installed on an Ext3 filesystem on top of
 > an LVM volume seems to have at least the following benefits:

 > * the filesystem could be expanded or reduced dynamically (with
 > lvreduce(8), lvextend(8) and ext2online(8); it's important for
 > space-scarce media, such as USB Flash drives;

 > * the filesystem could be updated by Rsync, overwriting only the
 > files that were actually changed, thus saving the write cycles
 > resource; it's again important for space-scarce media;

	s/space-scarce media/USB Flash drives/


 > * make a new meaning for the `root=' option when given without
 > `plainroot', roughly:


	And, of course:

	* make live-helper understand the idea and prepare the
	  bootloading environment (binary/syslinux/syslinux.cfg, in
	  particular) appropriately.

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