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Bug#447937: live-initramfs: scripts/live does not allocate enough memory for .tgz images

severity 447937 normal
tags 447937 +pending


first of all, having .tgz supported through fetch= was a workaround.
using fetch to get a remote squashfs image is much better (doesn't need
to be uncompressed makes it faster and wasting less ram).

second, solving the problem of not knowing how much the uncompressed
tarball will need isn't really fixable in a sophisticated way either
(sort of chicken-egg; and introducing some meta-data that contains the
size isn't worth it either).

therefore, i'm removing tgz support, nobody was really using this as far
as i remember anyway (i was mainly advocating it because mksquashfs is
taking so long and using tarballs is faster for testing many images in a


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