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persistent partition live-rw is not cleanly unmounted during shutdown

Hi all,

messages during shutdown prozess on a live system with persistent partition 
telling me that /live/cow is busy and e2fsck on a live-rw partition (on a usb 
harddisk) reports errors after shutdown is complete.

I suppose it will not be remounted ro or something like that.

I use the live-helper 1.0.1-1 in debian lenny - but with the new 
live-initramfs 1.139.1-4 because of BUG#500672. I just copied the 
live-initramfs debian-package from unstable 
to .../config/chroot_local_packages. It works fine while booting. And I don't 
see a relation, because the initramfs should not be involved in the shutdown 

After searching archives I found out, that this was reportet in the past some 
times - but there is no aktual outstanding bug.

Any Idea?


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