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Re: Netboot freezes

Thanks for your response,

I'm test the solution in the link you send and for me don't work, all
the time the system is using the same eth, I only have one.

With other projects like "drbl" the boot is done, but I would like to
config freely like with debian-live.



On Thursday 30 October 2008 17:25:32 Vicente Lopez wrote:

In my testing, the client system freezes on:

Begin: Running /scripts/live-premount ... done.
[   10.976370] eth0:  setting full-duplex.
IP-Config: eth0 hardware address 00:01:03:86:ad:36 mtu 1500 DHCP RARP

... and never continues.

I don't know how to make the system boot.

Vicente Lopez Solis

I've been experiencing this problem also, and I don't know what to do about
it.  For me, this problem occurs sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't.  When
it happens, I have to reboot the machine and try it again.  I have written
about this before:

I still don't know what is causing the stall at this point. I'm sorry that I
don't know more than this.

Joseph Rawson

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