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Re: contributing to the manual [was Re: Wiki / manual / docs]

Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> Sorry for being a git newbie, but...

argh; do not hijack threads please.

it's nice that you changed the topic by indicating it in the subject,
however, this has no real effect if you press 'reply' to the previous
mail rather than pressing 'write new mail' in your mail client.

by replying, your mail client puts a 'in reply to' entry in the header,
and the recieving mail clients do sort it accordingly into the old
thread. so please avoid that in future, otherwise your mail is likely to
get beeing overseen.

> I have
>  - checked out the manual with git
>  - written an piece on language/keyboards and --bootappend-live
> I haven't commited it yet. What is the recommended process here? is it
> 1. git-commit
> 2. git-format-patch
> 3. git-send-email

either send the patch(es) to the list, or publish the location of your
git tree, and, prefered, let us merge from it (by sending a mail to the
list or step by in IRC); if you intend to work continuesly on it, we'll
add you to the alioth project so you can commit directly on it.


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