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Bug#501535: about bug: 501535

Okulov Rostislav wrote:

> Hello, Chris.

Please don't mail me directly.

> So, why I need amiga package (console-keymaps-amiga_1.07-6_all.udeb)
> for my i386 (x86) only live-cd? And if it is possible, how can i
> workaround it by myself?

Technically, it's an amiga *keymap*; the package would install just fine
on any architecture.

There is an include/exclude mechanism for udebs for Debian CDs so that
architecture specific support is not included on all archs. However, as
debian-cd does not exclude this package, neither does live-helper. As a
local workaround you could add the package name to: 


(It's likely you'll hit some other problem due to your mirror being


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