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Cooperation-iws: Lampp server


I am pleased to introduce you my project: Cooperation-iws which is an Intranet nomad Server Project.

Mainly this is a web server (php, python, perl, java) you can carry on a Usb key. Live-scripts of the project just integrate live-helper to produce Debian based iso.

The live-scripts of Cooperation-iws were initially based on Ubuntu distribution as at the time Debian Live did not fully work on Usb.

They are published under the GPL 2+ and could be improved by remarks or contribution. Modules for the best web applications are present.

Debian Live support is for the moment present in the Subversion repository of the project.

Cooperation-iws web is : http://cooperation-iws.gensys-net.eu
Svn is: http://developer.berlios.de/svn/?group_id=9656
Mailing list is: http://developer.berlios.de/mail/?group_id=9656

For the moment Cooperation-iws live-scripts do not take all the possibility of live-helper as the customization is made outside the live-helper phase but this might be improved with time.

See you on the web and thanks to the Debian Live Team for the great job,



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