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Re: Default user now UID 1000 instead of 999?

On Tuesday 30 September 2008, 19:13:48, Julien Cristau wrote:

> Hi,
> On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 18:30:58 +0100, Chris Lamb wrote:
> > You shouldn't be chowning at all. Place your home directory files in
> > /etc/skel/ and they will be chowned automatically by user-setup/adduser.
> Unless the files/directories in config/chroot_local-includes/ are owned
> by root on the host, they end up owned by a random user on the cd.
> Any chance the cpio call in lh_chroot_local-includes could be changed to
> not preserve file ownership?

This means you do not put them in /etc/skel but create your users at build 
time, right?

I do that in a couple of live system (with useradd -r system user to do not 
disturb default user creation) in a hook script, but I'll also chown the 
paths manually in the same live-helper chroot's hook.

If it is a single user and a the files to be copied do not requires much 
space, you will find easier to put them in /etc/skel as Chris suggested.


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