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Bug#500677: live-helper: update lh_binary_rootfs to better support wildcards in file exclusion

Le mar 30 sep 2008 13:56:50 CEST, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> a
écrit :

> Frederic Boiteux wrote:
> > about using "-wildcards" to mksquashfs to achieve this, but it is used only
> > when LH_CHROOT_BUILD=disabled.
> ...because if you build chrooted, you can just remove the files, since
> the 'temporary' chroot inside the chroot to generate the rootfs is
> trashed right after creating the rootfs image anyway.

> > I use the default value of this
> > parameter, "enabled" (I don't understand what it stands for)
> it controls wheter the host systems tools are used to generate the
> rootfs or not.
> if you're using the host systems tools, you are possibly tainting the
> image if you the host system is not the exact same distribution as the
> target system is.
It was the missing information, thanks ! I'll indeed keep this parameter
with "enabled", as I sometimes generate Live systems for other

> > Instead, I've modified a bit the other mecanism set to exclude file in
> > Debian Live filesystem generation to also support wildcards, so that it
> > works wichever LH_CHROOT_BUILD's value.
> i'll have a look at that in the evening.

I've tested here succesfully.

  with regards,

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