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Re: [PATCH] Always download APT package lists in lh_chroot_sources

Maximilian Gaß wrote:
>> i don't think so. why do you think?
> I mentioned this on IRC. When I use a different package list than
> minimal or stripped, which I do, live-helper does not recognize it has
> to download the APT package lists. It fails not being able to install
> apt-utils, because there are no package sources.

the problem only appears if you have bootstrapped a minimal chroot
(rather than standard, where apt-utils is installed by default already
anyway), therefore my original claim that it's wrong to run apt-get
update in all cases still holds true.

however, the check in lh_chroot_sources against LH_PACKAGES_LISTS is
somewhat suboptimal, since it doesn't respect peoples choice of using a
regular package list but having set LH_BOOTSTRAP_FLAVOUR to minimal -
which is the only value of interest wrt/ to the apt-utils install problem.

this is fixed in git with the following commit:


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