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Re: Cannot configure MySQL

Chris Lamb wrote:
> Will Murnane wrote:
>> Or even better, add a startup script that runs before mysql that sets
>> the permissions of the files as necessary.
> Or import the SQL when you boot the image, bypassing all these issues and
> other potential ones, and also make the data easier to update.
> Bonus points for keeping it in the binary section of a USB stick so you
> don't have to rebuild the image to update the data.

Thanks everyone for the speedy suggestions. Meanwhile, I have found a solution
that works by creating an init script that runs after the mysql init script. It
creates a root user password, creates the database and imports the .sql file
into it. This all happens very quickly during boot. The password is visible in
the script as plain text, but this would not benefit anyone running the live CD.
This seems pretty similar to Chris's suggestion.

I tried putting a similar script in the live config/chroot_local-hooks/ and in
but I couldn't get them to work.

Joseph Rawson suggests running chown and chgrp in the chroot. I'm not sure how
to do this. Does he mean putting a script to do this in config/chroot_local-hooks?

Anyway, I now have a solution. :-)

Thanks again,

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