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Re: Help testing syslinux

On Wednesday 03 September 2008 11:19:25 Daniel Baumann wrote:
> It would be nice if a lot of people could test it and report any left
> regressions, together with the name of their computer model (or
> mainboard, if it's whitebox) and the bios vendor/version.


some context: we have two different series of Dell Optiplex 330 series, 
with 2/3 months each. First series has always been working fine, even 
with former syslinux versions.
BIOS: A00 (08/14/07)

The newer series can't be booted with previous syslinux version, using a 
32-bit LiveCD, since the splash screen is cut at "Press F1 for help, or 
ENTER to". With the new syslinux version, that's working fine.
BIOS: A03 (02/19/08)

I had the same problem on Dell Poweredge 1750, but the new version isn't 
really working better: the complete prompt is displayed, with the space 
after the colon, and the caret on the following character, but I can't 
type anything, and I'm thus stuck there. I might be related to the fact 
that I'm using a kvm with an USB keyboard, which is next on my 
checklist, along with testing an etch installation CD (the nodes were 
previously booted through PXE, but I have to run those systems through 
installation/liveCD since I have NFS troubles to debug).
Not sure about the BIOS references, all I see is:
MPTBIOS: 5-06.01

I'll keep you posted about the Poweredge problem I'm having, but at 
least I didn't see any regression till now, things are quite better.

If someone needs further descriptions of the HW, don't be afraid to ask. 
Just thinking the main point here are the BIOS versions.

Also, sorry for the lag, but you know the reasons.

Cyril Brulebois

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