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Re: [Fwd: Re: Debian Live Lenny Beta1]

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Do you want feedback on these lists?  I have tried the bugreport
> system, but that seems to work with packages. How do I submit
> bugreports on the debian-live-cd?

either by filing it against live-helper; or by sending a mail to the
mailinglist (debian-live@lists.debian.org).

> I have tried the amd64-version on a Lenovo R61 as well as on my
> Macbook.  Maybe I should try the i386 on the Macbook because it did
> not boot properly and I could not use the keyboard.

someone already reported this (it's a problem with syslinux), but i have
almost no to no hope that this will get fixed; don't have access to
macbook hardware.

> On the R61 I could not get my wifi working.  The Fn-F8 key also did
> not work.  I did not test it fully.  Here is an some of the
> output of dmesg:

in order to use wifi, you need the necessary firmware (firmware-iwlwifi
in your case). this firmware is not free, and it's not in debian, it's
in non-free.

since the official debian-live cds do not contain anything but packages
from main, wifi with that card doesn't work out of the box. yes, that is
disappointing, however, please read what i wrote here about the
situation (the paragraph starting with 'this is not a bug, this is debian'):



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