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Re: No cdebootstrap in etch-backports

Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> Dear list!


> I followed the installation guide on
> http://alioth.debian.org/~lamby-guest/live-manual/html/ which states
> that there is a cdebootstrap package on www.backports.org in the
> etch-backports release. However, there seem to be no cdebootstrap
> package there.

first of all; the manual is not uptodate in this regard (though, i will
update it later now that I'm aware of it).

in general, you should always prefere debootstrap over cdebootstrap:
debootstrap turned out to be better maintained, and it is the official
tool of debian, also used by debian-installer, and it is slightly faster
(although it's written in shell and cdebootstrap is C).

second, debootstrap got updated in the first etch point release (4.0r1)
and is thus recent enough to build a lenny or sid live system.

bottom line is, that if you want to build on etch, you only need to get
recent enough live-helper version (currently, please use the git one on
snapshots[0], otherwise you get hit by the udev-rules bug[2] in
live-helper 1.0.0-1 (this is specifically only applying to building
non-etch images on etch)). this snapshot can be installed on etch just
fine, it doesn't have any other depends except a shell and debootstrap.


[0] deb http://live.debian.net/debian/ ./

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