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Bug#496684: live-initramfs: panics during network boot if there is not network interface

On 26/08/2008, Michal Suchanek <hramrach at centrum.cz> wrote:
> Package: live-initramfs
>  Severity: important
>  Hello
>  I am not exactly sure about the cause of this problem but it seems it is
>  because I tried http network boot and did not have any NIC supported by
>  Linux.
>  The symptom:
>  During the network boot the system panics. The last message is Runnnig
>  scripts/live-premount.
>  I burned the image on a CD and found the box has an Attansic L2 NIC
>  which requires a special separate kernel module. So my suspition is that
>  the live script fails and panics (exits) without leaving any useful
>  debug message.
>  This hould never happen. Every time the script exits it should print the
>  reason of the failure. Otherwise the user is left with kernel panic of
>  unknown cause.

Yes, manually adding the atl2 module solves the problem for this system.



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