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live-helper for Slax

maybeway36 wrote:
> debootstrap is designed to run on any Linux distribution, to
> facilitate installations from Red Hat, Slackware and the like.
> I realized that live-helper uses debootstrap for the initial stage,
> and does most other operations inside the chroot.
> This got me to thinking: could live-helper produce a working Debian
> GNU/Linux live CD while running on another distro?
> The answer is yes!

surprise, surprise :) this was the very aim since the first day of doing
debian-live, to have minimal system requirements in order to be able to
build a debian-live image on any linux distribution that offers a posix
shell and has either cdebootstrap-static (which only requires libc6), or

> There's not that much purpose for making a live CD from another live
> CD, but it might be useful for someone.

you'll never now. thanks anyway, maybe it even helps making live-helper
a bit more popular :)

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