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notes after trying (successfully) debian-live: cdebootrap & autologin


   I started a couple of days ago to play with debian-live and I'm really
   plased with it and now I have a very satisfactory and clean system. Thanks.
   I met some minor problems that may be worthwhile to let you know:

   1. For the live system I'm using I didn't want autologin but info in the
      FAQ is not correct. Suggests autologin=false instead of noautologin

      besides that, I really don't want it be possible "login -f"  in
      /etc/inittab. Few script lines where enought for me to get rid of that
      after the first login, but I wandered which should be the correct way
      to prevent autologin completely

   2. no way to use 'cdebootstrap' for. Several problems related to
      cdebootstrap with cdebootstrap-helper and start-stop daemon. then I
      that suggest to switch to ddebootstrap and everything was ok (apart
      from the fact that variant "stadard" was selected that is only allowed
      for cdebootstrap, so that a poor message (variant not supported) was

      Only now I see debootstrap is the default,  I don't know why I started
      with cdebootstrap. I just want to warn people that may read this
      message not to waste time if it starts with divert messages and so

A question: when working with includes i'd like to just rebuild the minimum
that is possible. How can I skip everythink before the "include" stage?


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