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Many problems with live-rw partition

Il venerd? 22 agosto 2008 11:00:08 Chris Morley ha scritto:
> > > I have problems building a USB-HDD image with debian live (from Etch)
> > > on the init live ramfs scripts it complains it cannot mount /live/cow,
> > > and on shutdown it throws an error saying /live/cow in use. I did
> > > follow the instructions bus assumed it was just me... perhaps someone
> > > else could try following the instructions and reporting back. I used
> > > the deb files from the project website
> > > http://live.debian.net/debian-snapshots/.
> >
> > This should be fixed in lenny live-initramfs since 1 month. Which version
> > of live-initramfs did you used? The etch one could be broken.
> >
> > --
> Hi Marco, sorry i just checked, i built a Lenny image from Lenny itself.
> lh_build version is 1.0~a48, i have just noticed there is a new build as of
> 20th august on Debian Live debian-snapshots, it wasnt that build i had
> installed as this was about 3 weeks ago now since i last tried building
> images.

Sorry , I reread you former mail, it is just a warning since you managed to 
shutdown it, right?

(I mean opposite to being a type of "error" that let you not to boot the 
debian live system)


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