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FW: Many problems with live-rw partition

> Il gioved? 21 agosto 2008 21:12:25 Andreas Bombe ha scritto:
> > > > It is used in the aufs after all, so it doesn't work.  My fix for that
> > > > one was not triggering the remount ro attempt by commenting the
> > > > try_snap calls in scripts/live since I do not need snapshot files here.
I have problems building a USB-HDD image with debian live (from Etch) on the init live ramfs scripts it complains it cannot mount /live/cow, and on shutdown it throws an error saying /live/cow in use. I did follow the instructions bus assumed it was just me... perhaps someone else could try following the instructions and reporting back. I used the deb files from the project website http://live.debian.net/debian-snapshots/.


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