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Introducing live-xmaker

Hi Tzafrir,

Thanks for the feedback.

>> For example:-
>>  live-xmaker --xml /usr/share/live-xmaker/templates/lightgui_all.xml
>> --output ./lightgui.iso
> Why the duplicate configration?

To give an extra layer - in xml.

> lh_config generates a bunch of config files. By creating your own
> configuration file you're merely creating an extra layer to get
> information through. What does thing extra layer give you?

Three things:-

A - An extra layer in XML! This can be used by other systems more
easily. For example I have put together a website (mbuild.livecd.org
annoyingly off-line at the moment - long story), but source is
available[1]. Which the user specified the configuration for a
(Morphix) LiveCD and it was automatically build. It was easier when
the glue between mbuild-website and liveCD building was XML. In a
nutshell XML, gives a nicer interface for other systems.

B - I can easily view the non-default changes I have specified. Both
with the options passed to lh_config, (e.g. --username ) as well as
changes not available via lh_config such as adding an extra
repository. All on one short text file.

There are a multitude of configurations possible via live-helper
(which is very good). To create a LiveCD with just a few non-default
options I have to make sure that I have set each option on each run
(or keep the whole directory stored). The aim of live-xmaker is to be
able to set options accurately and quickly. Especially when I want to
build a new updated version of my LiveCD or add one additional options
such as an extra boot parameter.

C - Morphix.org uses xml configurations files for building LiveCDs. To
entice some developers to look at Debian-live.

1: http://morphix.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/morphix/trunk/morphixlivekiosk/scripts/mbuild/

> Can you try to parse the information from the config directory?
> Maybe thr right way to do that is through the shell. See the following
> perl code that uses 'env -i sh -ec' to get a shell process to parse
> shell variables.
> http://svn.digium.com/svn/zaptel/branches/1.4/kernel/xpp/utils/zconf/Zaptel/Config/Defaults.pm

I could parse it after it has been generated. But live-xmkaer starts
off with no config directory, building this directory according to the
xml template. But I think I have missed you point you were raising -
could you explain more ?


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