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persistent USB lenny live stick problems

Hi people,

I'm trying to create a persistent Debian lenny live USB stick. I'm
running Ubuntu 8.04 with the latest live helper
(1.0~a48+20080715.093327) installed.

* I do a lh_config with some options to configure the stick, and also I
  add the persistent boot options. And the debian mirror.
* I do a lh_build
* I dd the binary.img to my USB stick
* and in the remaning space I create 2 partitions (ext2) labeled
  live-rw and home-rw

When I boot the system the boot process hangs after
/scripts/live-premount, message: "can't open /etc/fstab: no such file or
directory\nmount: you must secify the filesystem type. Then I get
Busybox shell. When I remove the partitions or add the nopersistent boot
option the stick boots. I also tried to create only a live-rw partition
to the stick, but no succes.

i can't really find documentation about this process which can bring me
any further:

* http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/Howto/Persistence doesn't work.
* http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/Howto/Custom_Install Seems to be
  almost Like what I did.
* man live-initramfs is quite minimalistic about the process.

Any idea? Or suggestions for documentation?

Gijs Molenaar
gijs.molenaar at surfnet.nl
fingerprint C660 BABA 4B91 4B5C EB60 7739 4385 8ABA 72EE 99CA

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