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Bug#494640: live-helper: Doesn't follow APT_RECOMMENDS settings in lh_chroot_sources

Jeremy <jeremybubs at gmail.com> writes:

> I am just curious as to the idea of a 'tainted image'.  It seems to
> me that it would not allow a user to customize their image.  Does
> everything have to be the default debian setting?  I would hope that
> there is an option to not install recommended packages, especially
> in the space-tight environment of a live-cd.  If the default setting
> for LH_APT_RECOMMENDS is enabled then wouldn't that be consistent
> with a normal debian install?  I hope I don't sound rude or
> anything, I would just like someone to explain it to me.

Yes, your concept is right and I fully agree with the not
installation of recommends by default. 

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