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Dear Colleagues,

I was reviewing my email and found this message that I would like to 
I have used an alternative approach to test PAIPIX, a debian-live based DVD.
I have used vncrobot http://www.vncrobot.com/ that is open to be used 
but not open source.
The testing of our images is available on (for example):
(see http://mirror.sim.ul.pt/paipix/ for other images)
There are links to the vncrobot scripts in all the images.
I use kvm on a DELL 2900 machine and I can test 4 images in parallel:
Something like:
/usr/bin/kvm -m 512 -cdrom ${ISO} -hda ${IMG} -boot %DRIVE% -vnc :%PORT% 
-k pt

Vncrobot is a great system to perform this work and you can see from the 
PAIPIX examples that it opens a broad range of possibilities for QA.
It is not perfect but gives a hint of what would be a better system.
The main problems are:
1) To streer the system under kvm one has to allocate time intervals to 
the keyboard events and wait that the proper actions have been executed. 
In some cases one can use the facility of vncrobot that waits until the 
screen matches with a given image but this is cumbersome to do for all 
events. The time intervals might change upon machine load, etc.
2) The mouse events under the kvm vnc server do not work properly. One 
has to use keyboard shortcuts for all applications to be tested. The 
mouse scale is wrong. Furthermore, while the iso is booting, the 
graphical resolution changes and the vncrobot client has to be stopped 
and restarted automatically for these occasions.
3) Letters in other languages and extended keys are not well supported 
and have to be sent to the vnc server using special tricks.

I can send the full list of scripts and tools that I am using if any of 
you is interested.

Also, since I am using debian-live, I would be glad to setup one of our 
dell servers to test systematically the official debian-live images. The 
machines have 8 cores, 8 GB of memory and are running Debian etch. The 
KVM emulator works beutifully both for i386 and amd64 iso images.

All the best,
Ant?nio Amorim

Brendan Sleight escreveu:
> Autotesting scripts are a little broken as vncserver has been removed.
> Time to use vnc4server and more Russian-dolls of vncservers within
> vncservers withiin...
> I am updating/tweaking and plan to have a machine running Autotesting
> in anger soon.
> Brendan
>   http://packages.qa.debian.org/v/vnc.html
>   http://packages.qa.debian.org/v/vnc/news/20080319T223932Z.html
>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_doll
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