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Hi List,

I been updated (improved?) the Autotesting scripts. As well as testing
the pre-build images[1] [2]. I now have set-up some daily
auto-building locally on the server and running Autotesting these
images[3]. These videos and the final frames (thanks Chris) are
produced daily and can be viewed for quick review[4][5][6] at static
urls (thanks Kai).

1: http://live.debian.net/cdimage/
2: http://autotesting.livecd.org/debian-live/
3: http://autotesting.livecd.org/local-build/
4: http://autotesting.livecd.org/local-build/debian-live/i386/debian-live-etch-i386-xfce.iso/current/
5: http://autotesting.livecd.org/local-build/debian-live/i386/debian-live-lenny-i386-xfce.iso/current/
6: http://autotesting.livecd.org/local-build/debian-live/i386/debian-live-sid-i386-xfce.iso/current/

The theora encoded video is embedded on the page, Java or gjc is
required to play the video via the Cortado Java applet. Otherwise the
videos can be downloaded and viewed using libtheora0.


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