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wrong package list

jll at majilux.org wrote:

> I am using version 1.0~a48-1 of live-helper with a personalized list of
> packages in /usr/share/live-helper/lists/. It works well unless I put
> a wrong package name in the file. In this case, all the process stops
> with the message like "NO BINARY FILE FOUND", but I can't see the wrong
> package name in the errors. The only solution I found is to try and try
> untill I find the guilty package and this cost a lot of time.
> Is there a better way to fix a wrong package list ?

Firstly, using aptitude in LH_APT will mean that missing packages does not
result in a broken build. This might result in strange behaviour however -
for example, when Xfce was broken in Debian, building an "xfce" image with
LH_APT="aptitude" resulted in a GNOME image.

To fix your package list, we can use the fact that live-helper builds up a
list of packages to install in file chroot/root/chroot_packages before
installing them. Edit your lh_chroot_install-packages and add a call to
"Breakpoint ${0}" before the packages are installed and then start a new

When the build says "Waiting at..", start a new terminal and view the
chroot/root/chroot_packages file - you could probably script the checking

 for PKG in $(cat chroot/root/chroot-packages)
    if ! apt-cache show ${PKG} >/dev/null 2>&1
       echo "W: Package ${PKG} does not exist"

This assumes you are running the same distribution as your target
distribution. Good luck :)


Chris Lamb, UK                                       chris at chris-lamb.co.uk
                                                            GPG: 0x634F9A20
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