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Keeping boot/*, etc. out of filesystem.squashfs


I am trying to get my ISO as small as possible without resorting to
using "--packages-lists minimal"
What can I say? I like man & co.

Right now, I am trying to get boot/*, vmlinuz and initrd.img out of my
filesystem.squashfs. I tried using:
> export MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS=" -e boot/vmlinuz* boot/initrd.img* vmlinuz* initrd.img*"
> lh_clean
> lh_build
but they just won't go away.

It looks to me that unless I use the live-installer, those files just
sit there and waste about 9M on my image.
Am I setting the  MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS wrong, or is it just not going to
work this way?


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