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Live-Helper USB Image Error 'syslinux'

I have searched my archived e-Mails but have not found this error so I
bring it to you all.

I am trying to build a USB Image using Live-Helper but when Setting up
SYSLINUX, I get this error:

Unpacking syslinux (from .../syslinux_2%3a3.70+dfsg-1_i386.deb) ...
Setup syslinux (2:3.70+dfsg-1) ...
mkdir: cannot create directory `':No such file or directory

I am sure someone has run into this and can help me out quickly to solve

My command line for LH_CONFIG was:
	lh_config --binary-images usb --distribution lenny
--syslinux-timeout 2

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Stephen (AKA Screwba)

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