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problem for building a live cd

Marco Bardelli wrote:
> Hi, i didn't solve the problem.
> i configured with:
> > lh_config --apt-http-proxy http://host:port/  [other options]
> and in config/common the LH_APT_HTTP_PROXY variable is ok.
> the strange problem continue, the output of the first run of lh_build 
> is again:
> P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
> P: Begin bootstrapping system...
> P: Retrieving Release
> E: Couldn't download Release!
> P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
> P: Begin caching chroot stage...
> P: Begin mounting /proc...
> E: lh_chroot_proc missing
IMHO the second output is different because proc inside the chroot 
environment gets mounted during your first try and because of the error 
it doesn't get unmounted again.

I'm pretty sure your "proc-live, sysfs-live, devpts-live" are still 
mounted after this error occurs.
You have to unmount them "by hand" to proceed with another build.

This doesn't explain why your build crashed in the first place, but it 
should help you a bit with future builds ;)

Uwe Krause

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