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Small 'default' patch for lh_config

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> can you please write changelog entries that are true?
> such as.. "Replacing whitespaces with tabs." for
> 60c755e5089a8ac0c425f1f345ed39984eb4037b

and for b6928b6d6400f5fd17ec8d300cdbc254ed5b0f8b, i think that those
values variables/options are *always* used. even if a --conffile is
specified. live-helper shouldn't weight it, it never does it anywhere else.

Echo_warning "Using these defaults from ${DEFAULT_LH_CONFFILE}:"

should be

Echo_verbose "Using system defaults from ${DEFAULT_LH_CONFFILE}:"


to be consistent with system (machine) defaults, global defaults and
sytem (live) defaults.

and please don't cat the config file. a dump of the configuration will
be implemented by lh_configs --report feature later.

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