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Bug#442289: 25configure_init: misunderstood?

Le mer 04 jun 2008 07:35:42 CEST, Fr?d?ric BOITEUX
<fboiteux at calistel.com> a ?crit :

>   I just didn't know about 'live-getty' cmd line option. I've tested
> it, it works, so I leave my /etc/inittab's patch and also the
> live-initramfs patch previously proposed :-)

I still have a problem with live-getty : when enabling bootlogd, having
the serial console as primary one, I don't get the boot messages on the
serial console, only at the end in the /var/log/boot file, like in bug
#403369 (without solution). I've tried to look at the problem, but
didn't find a solution, so I have to keep my patch and stay with my
current config.


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