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httpfs hack

El Tuesday 20 May 2008 17:19:59 Michal Suchanek va escriure:
> Hello

An observation about readonly:  

the static variables declaration in bash is done with the instruction:

readonly variablename="static value"

seems not coherent to declare variables with the same name that an 
as these are other options for the losetup command, the name could be 

+           #             if [ -n ${readonly} ] 
+           #            then
+                                options="${options} ${options_add} "
+          #              fi

Off topic: Thanks Michal, for the klibc-run-init-nuke-debug.patch that you 
posted in klibc. Has been very useful to detect the problems of my own version 
of live-initramfs with busybox.



> So here goes another piece you would want if you try to use httpfs for
> root.
> Recently losetup requires -r if the image file is not accessible for
> writing.
> Thanks

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