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Small 'default' patch for lh_config

Marco Amadori wrote:

> I found that patch useful, it provides a system wide location for
> lh_config values, I use it for 2 or 3 vars.

Heh, I *personally* like it.. I'm always forgetting to change things and end
up rebuilding again.

The only problem I see with it is that it makes it impossible to see 100% of
a users build settings from the output of "lh_config && lh_build" alone such
as the "pastebins" pasted to the #debian-live IRC channel. If lh_build could
be tricked into saying "Using settings from ${FOO}" or somesuch, I'm sure
this would preemptively save someone some debugging time.

Oh, also: isn't /etc/default/foo reserved for the "foo" daemon?


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