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[RFC] The future of LH_BINARY_IMAGES

Chris Lamb wrote:
>  * I don't see how some of the lh_binary_* helpers can even support it being
>    list..
>    For example, lh_binary_syslinux does completely different things
>    depending on the binary image type, so the side effects of this helper
>    cannot be invariant for all image types. Thus, we cannot simply re-use the
>    same binary/ directory for each item in LH_BINARY_IMAGES, not least of all
>    because we cannot export overriding vars to sub-helpers due to the way
>    configuration files take precedence over environment vars.

instead of building binary/, one could build multiple binary.$flavour

> If no-one has any major objections or queries I'll go ahead and cleanup the
> code to assume that LH_BINARY_IMAGES contains a single value.

i'd like to give it a try again, so please wait with this.

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