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Can't open /scripts/live

I had a working setup with casper and booting from grub. I tried to
get quickreboot to work and the FAQ said to change to
live-initramfs. I am building an etch and on an etch machine. I took
live-initramfs from backport and built an image. This image works with
qemu but when I boot it on another machine using the grub setup that
worked for capser with a modified menu.lst file I get:

    Begin mounting root file system... ...
    /init: .: 150: Can't open /scripts/live

So can the root file system device change when you change to live from
casper? I setup grub according to:


Anybody know how to solve this problem?

Or is there another way to avoid ejecting the tray and refusing to
boot from usb memory without removing it and inserting it again using

/Tommy Persson

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