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running livecd from a hd without installing it

         Thanks a lot for the answers.
   Jordi, the link you pointed out was quite helpful, thanks, but I would like to do something less intrusive in the host system. Let's say I'll spend a weekend in my mother-in-law's house and need to use a program like rosegarden or lilypond to compose something for the college. She has a laptop lying around, I just want to insert my liveCD, copy it's content too c: and boot, with the boot-loader from the CD, using the hard-disk content. After that I would just need to delete the CD content from the c: partition.
   Tzafrir, I was thinking about what you suggested. I think that's the correct approach, but I haven't figured out yet how should I do that. A possibility would be to make a boot-floppy that would run the vmlinuz kernel copied in the c:\live directory. But I was wondering if there is a way to do that with the LiveCD, something like a preconfigured menu that would show up in boot-time and let me choose beetween booting from cd or using the vmlinuz in 'c:\live' (I would than always copy the 'live' directory to the same location). I think I know how to do that in grub (not sure if it reads something inside a ntfs partition), but what about the live-cd boot-loader? It's isolinux, wright? I don't know it very well, does it make that possible?


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