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Default user decisions


For me the Debian Live systems are more than a Live CD to start and use, we 
can install them in hard disk, in USB memories, or in networks of computers; 
even we can create servers with a lot of functions, Doing the install in this 
way results in configurations that can be exactlly controlled, and reproduced 
with easy to other computers, simply changing the starting initrd and the 
parameters file "live.conf"

As more parameters live-initramfs has, the person who creates the Live system 
will be able to better parametrize Debian Live and the resultant system will 
respond with more accuracy to the needs of the users,

I understand the modification of null password as another parameter to 
configure, with which the person who configures can decide if his own Debian 
Live will use users with password or without.  

sure that is very useful for the users, That is verified because I have some 
installations in which the users have wanted it in this way,

of course that to use null passwords involves other risks, inside the works of 
the person that creates his own Live system is to know the corresponding 
actions to take. As example, sometimes should be installed a firewall in the 
computer, or prepare access with identification by keys and/or to encrypt the 

to finish, if we have more possibilities in these tools, we will have to learn 
to use them and know the risks and the advantages that it behaves, and the 
resulting systems will fit better to the final needs.



El Sunday 27 April 2008 16:23:10 Jordi Pujol va escriure:
> > sidux creates a user account w a disabled password. This creates extra
> > work, the user should not be able to lock their session et al.
> Yes, session lock is a little problem, easy to solve
> replacing /usr/bin/kdesktop_lock with an script that don't locks the
> session.

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