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Bug#460456: live-initramfs: live script unable to mount USB sqaushfs filesystem.

Hello all,

Looking at the first message, there is a proposal about not specifying the 
filesystem type in the mounting, this should not be done because only the 
type of some filesystems is detected automatically, while for others is 
obligatory to specify it. In consequence is more adequate that, when the 
fiesystem is not detected, use the extension of the filename, 

			if [ "${fstype}" = "unknown" ]
				panic "Unknown file system type on ${backdev} (${image})"

+			if [ -z "${fstype}" ]
+			then
+				fstype="${imagename##*.}"
+				log_warning_msg "Unknown file system type on ${backdev} (${image}) 
Assuming ${fstype}"
+			fi
			mkdir -p "${croot}/${imagename}"

on the other hand, to start with USB is necessary to wait some seconds 
(between 10 and 20) to allow slow USB devices to register; live-initramfs 
does that when the parameter live-media-timeout is specified,



El Sunday 27 April 2008 08:26:40 Daniel Baumann va escriure:
> Hi,
> can you please retry with a current version of live-initramfs?
> Regards,
> Daniel

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