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Rescue flavor improvements

2008/4/25 Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <tiago at debian-ba.org>:
>  I think we should split the rescue lists in -common, -stable, -testing,
>  maybe even for archs (-i386, -amd64 etc). Daniel, is that possible to
>  set arch/suite in these lists like some fields in debian/control? If
>  not, do you think it is an interesting feature to be coded?

That sounds like the start of a good idea.
I think we should think carefully about this... we don't want to end
up with too many files with the same list of packages in them...
also don't want too many different list files...

Maybe some kind of "#ifdef amd46" or #ifdef etch" in the regular files?
Not sure how to implement that though...

hmm.. needs some thought!

seeds of a good idea though!

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