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error in lh_chroot_debianchroot

Hello again list,

I keep running into this error and I can't figure out why:

hardbop200:/home/josh/livecd# lh_build
P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
P: Begin bootstrapping system...
W: skipping bootstrap
P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
P: Begin caching chroot stage...
P: Begin mounting /dev/pts...
P: Begin mounting /proc...
P: Begin mounting /sys...
P: Configuring file /etc/debian_chroot
/usr/bin/lh_chroot_debianchroot: line 54: chroot/etc/debian_chroot: No
such file or directory

Obviously it is trying to create a file in the chroot/etc directory,
but when looking in chroot, /etc isn't there, so it fails.  I guess I
could wipe everything out and start from scratch, but I REALLY don't
want to go through the process of downloading everything again just to
fix one issue.

Again, I don't know what caused this.  Here's what I did right before the error:

started a build
build failed due to some silly reason (previous builds had worked fine)
added some packages to my local package list in config/chroot_local-packageslist
changed the default hostname
changed the default username
executed lh_clean && lh_build

That's when the trouble started.  Can anyone give me some direction on this?

Josh Lawrence

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