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installing debian-live for etch?

Hello I have been playing with this today myself...

I have been using an etch system with live-helper installed from testing/lenny
Doenload the package from here:
and install with: dpkg -i live-helper*.deb

The config and build:
 lh_config -d etch --bootstrap debootstrap

Hope that helps. This method is not as featurefull as others(which
require more backported packages) but at least only requires one
non-etch package! Personally I consider that a bonus!

Alex Owen

2008/4/24 Josh Lawrence <hardbop200 at gmail.com>:
> On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 11:57 AM, Daniel Baumann <daniel at debian.org> wrote:
>  >  well, you can just fetch the .deb and install it manually (with dpkg -i
>  >  live-helper_*.deb); it's just a collection of shell scripts and only
>  >  needs debootstrap or cdebootstrap as depends.
>  >
>  >  your way works too, but looks a bit 'over complicated' to me :)
>  yea, I have a problem with that sometimes.  :)
>  OK, I fetched the .deb from sid, and running it gives me this error:
>  hardbop200:/home/josh/livecd# lh_config && lh_build
>  P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
>  P: Begin bootstrapping system...
>  W: skipping bootstrap
>  P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
>  P: Begin caching chroot stage...
>  P: Begin mounting /dev/pts...
>  P: Begin mounting /proc...
>  P: Begin mounting /sys...
>  P: Configuring file /etc/debian_chroot
>  /usr/bin/lh_chroot_debianchroot: line 54: chroot/etc/debian_chroot: No
>  such file or directory
>  Is there something wrong with the sid scripts, or is this another
>  issue entirely?
>  --
>  Josh Lawrence
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