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Autobuilt images

I am very happy to see that autobuilt images are back on
live.debian.net. I've been eagerly waiting to try Lenny and now finally
I can. Thank you all for your work.

However I see that both the gnome and kde flavors of Lenny are larger
than 800 MB, which means they can't be written on CD. Could their size
be reduced (by removing some packages or by other means)? Ideally, they
should fit within a 700 MB disk.

I see that the size of Etch images has increased too. I have an older (=
downloaded shortly after Etch release) image of the gnome flavor, it's
536 MB, while the image currently available is 655 MB. As Etch packages
are frozen, I wonder how it could grow so much? Maybe you expanded the
list of included packages, or changed some other configuration -- maybe
it's a change that could be reverted, also for Lenny? Subtracting 120 MB
to the Lenny gnome image (currently 805 MB) would be exactly what is

Well, meanwhile I'll try xfce.

Thank you

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