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About upstart problem in live-initramfs-1.128-1 (Was: About upstart problem in live-initramfs-1.118-2)

> Steven Shiau wrote:
>> if [ "/root/etc/event.d/tty*" != "$(echo /root/etc/event.d/tty*)" ]
>>                         then
>>                                 for f in /root/etc/event.d/tty*
>>                                 do
>>                                         sed -i -e "s|^exec.*|exec
>> /bin/login -f ${USERNAME} </dev/$(basename ${f}) > /dev/$(basename
>> ${f})
>> 2>\&1|" ${f}
>>                                 done
>>                         fi
>>                 fi
> something's fishy in that 25configure_init anyway.. let me check..
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> Email:          daniel.baumann at panthera-systems.net
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I checked live-initramfs 1.128.1 in sid, looks like this problem is not fixed. 
When you merge casper 1.129 or later, could you please check casper/scripts/casper-bottom/25configure_init, you will see it's "exec", not "spawn" for the upstart programs (/root/etc/event.d/tty*), like:
if [ "/root/etc/event.d/tty*" != "$(echo /root/etc/event.d/tty*)" ];
      for f in /root/etc/event.d/tty*; do
        sed -i -e "s|^exec.*|exec /bin/login -f $USERNAME </dev/$(basename $f) > /dev/$(basename $f) 2>\&1|" $f

As I mentioned in the previous mail, /root/etc/event.d/tty* are only for upstart, and if you modify this, i.e. replace "spawn" with "exe", IMHO, it won't affect Debian, and it will work for Ubuntu.  Will you think about to modify this ?
Thanks in advance.

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