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httpfs hack


I got httpfs sort of working with debian-live.

I made some patches to the live script to allow new options for
mounting through httpfs and curlftpfs. Initially these would just
panic after live-bottom scripts were executed.

However, modifying the init in initramfs to use chroot instead of
run-init makes the script work.

Thanks to all who helped with tips and advice on #debian-live I can
now boot systems with <512MB of ram from the network.

The attached tarball contains a directory that should be copied over
your debian-live config directory.

It contains a patch for the live scripts, another one that enables
messages on the screen so that you know what is going on, and a patch
to init.

There is a package list to install fuse, a hook to pull in the
relevant files into ramdisk, and a hook to apply the patches.

If you want httpfs run make in chroot_local-includes/bin. You need
libfuse headers for that.


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