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Cross packaging issues with module-assistant

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 07:22:47PM +1000, Trent W. Buck wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 11:15:36AM +0200, Giorgio Pioda wrote:
> > I'm trying to compile extra modules inside the lh chroot. Using
> > module-assistant leads systematically to wrong linking with wrong
> > headers. For example I'm working in a 486 chroot inside a
> > lenny-amd64 host and I get downloaded the amd64 headers instead of
> > the desired 486.
> Are you calling m-a with the -r flag to select the appropriate kernel?
> By default it uses the RUNNING kernel, which is the one outside the
> chroot (i.e. wrong).
> If you have sh code to find what argument to pass to m-a within the
> chroot, I'm interested; currently I'm just hard-coding it in my call
> to m-a.

I have a dummy package that build-requires a bunch of linux-header
packages and the relevant -source package, and then runs:

 m-a -u . -i -t -f \
   -k "`echo /usr/src/linux-headers-[1-9]*.*.*-*-* | grep -v '*'`" \

(and goes on to package the products in the dummy deb).

I just feed it to pbuilder and get the modules for all the kernels I

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