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live-helper woes

Will Murnane wrote:
> lh_config mentions a "--mirror-bootstrap-security" option, but this is
> not implemented.

There is no --mirror-bootstrap-security option. This was (it is
corrected in git) a left-over from the rename of --mirror-bootstrap* to

> Also, it would be nice to have some clarification what the various
> --mirror-foo options mean; what is --mirror-bootstrap as opposed to
> --mirror-chroot as opposed to --mirror-binary?  As I read it:
> * -bootstrap is for fetching the small set of initial packages
> * -chroot is for fetching everything specified by the user with
> --packages-lists and --packages
> * -binary is for what ends up on the live-image.
> Is this a correct interpretation?

it's almost too easy to explain:

lh_bootstrap* uses --mirror-bootstrap
lh_chroot* uses --mirror-chroot*
lh_binary* uses --mirror-binary*


if LH_BINARY_INDICES=enabled, then --mirror-binary* is what is ending up
in the binary image(s).

> ... and then it goes on to fetch 26MB packages from ftp.us.debian.org
> instead of from the (much faster) local proxy.  Later packages, too,
> also go directly to debian.org instead of locally.

this is a temporary bug in git tree only. if you use the current release
(1.0~a42), everything is fine.

> I haven't changed anything, but I did update live-helper in the past
> few days.  Did something change?

not wrt/ indices handling, but with config handling (only in git). same
with the other settings, as this is caused by the same config handling bug.

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