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deutsches Tastaturlayout für die FCCU- Live- CD

Michael Paech wrote:
> Hallo,


this is an english mailing list.

> ich habe ein gro?es Problem mit der FCCU- Live- CD. Ich komme mit dem
> franz?sischen Tastaturlayout nicht zurecht.
> Kann mir bitte jemand die n?tigen Bootoptionen f?r ein deutsches
> Tastaturlayout nennen?
> Sollte die Installation eines entsprechenden Layouts erforderlich sein,
> bitte eine Anleitung f?r  nicht- Linux- dauerbenutzer ;-)

[ Translation:

I have a big problem with the FCCU live cd. I can't cope with the French
keyboard layout.

Can someone please tell me the needed boot option in order to get the
German keyboard layout?

If the installation of such a layout is necessary, please give an
explanation for not everday linux users. ]

FCCU is not debian-live, but it is a debian-live *based* livecd. That
means, that in general you should contact first the author who made that
cd, and not the debian-live team, as the latter was not involved in
creating that cd and most likely is not familiar with its specific

However, you can append a 'keyb=de' to your bootprompt when booting the
system from cd. That should enable the German keyboard layout.


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