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lh_build woes

tomas at tuxteam.de wrote:
>   lh_config -b usb-hdd -p gnome-desktop --union-filesystem unionfs \
>                        --bootappend-live "locale=de_DE.UTF-8 keyb=de"

this wont work anyway; no distribution specified means lenny, and from
lenny on you need to use aufs, not unionfs.

> (BTW: do I need live-initramfs on tha host system? I upgraded it to
> lenny as well, just for good measure).

of course not. live-initramfs is for the *live* system.

> the generated config is mostly unchanged, save the syslinux timeout
> (to allow unattended booting) and the ominous script in
> config/binary_local-hooks/01-fix_syslinux, which seems still to be needed.

what fix for what??

> How do I go about debugging this? Is there a log file somewhere?
> (it seems to me that the package gij-4.1 is broken).

check if gcj is installable on the target distribution, which it isn't.

> Just for fun I'm trying to install gij on the host system (also an etch
> machine), let's see...

...but you're building lenny, not etch ;)

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