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Jffs2 needs erase size

Alle marted? 4 marzo 2008, Daniel Baumann ha scritto:
> Marco Amadori wrote:
> > qemu + binfmt could permit that on a number of architecture.

> you're running them virtualized/emulated, which changes the endiannes to
> whatever the target system is. unless you want partially build some
> things virtualized/emulated, and some not. which is unclean and opening
> a can of worms.

lol, nice image. :-)

> it's even hard enough to be almost sure that data created in a emulator
> is *really* the same as when created on the native platform. mixing the
> build-process with emulated parts and parts from an alien platform is
> even harder.

I was just wondering about some uncertain but bright future, do not worry, I 
do not want to open the above mentioned can before having the time to fix 
snapshots/persistence :-)

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